Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia, May 2019

Local businesses are leaders. The resilience of our communities relies on this.
With deep roots in their communities, businesses have a platform and an opportunity to lead by example.

Local businesses move the needle in a way that is felt by their community, and they highlight actions that answer our need for societal change. Especially when it comes to waste, the local business voice is vital (and needed).
What better way to solve a local problem, waste, then with a local solution, a community’s triple bottom line business community?

When trying to gain visibility for their Zero Waste plan, it is no surprise that the City of Philadelphia started the Zero Waste Partnership program for businesses and organizations to set themselves apart and signal to their neighbors and fellow business owners that the journey towards a much-needed zero waste cannot delay.

SBN Member Remark Glass, a woman-owned and operated glass blowing studio in South Philadelphia, became the city’s first Zero Waste Partner in January and they were the first Partner to reach Silver Status, which means they diverted 70% of their waste and met 7/10 Zero Waste Actions. Two glass artists Rebecca Davies and Daniel Ruttenberg started Remark Glass in 2016 to utilize glass–an untapped resource–to create interior accents, dinnerware, and more with recycled glass. Creativity and sustainability are built into the DNA of their business. We interviewed Davies to learn more about Remark Glass’s commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.