I arrived at the behemoth South Philadelphia Bok Building on a freezing cold afternoon. I weaved my way through the echoing halls, down into the bowels of the old school building. Tucked away in a corner is a lively glass blowing shop, Remark Glass. There were machines whirring, glass clinking, and employees busy at work.

I found my way to the office situated caddy corner to the studio. I stepped into its glorious chaos–the kind only art studios can have–with shelves of glass work lining the walls and papers spread out on the two desks. I was there to meet Rebecca Davies, co-founder and owner of the business. She settled into her desk chair and I pulled out my long list of questions about opening shop, asking for help, and thriving as a creative entrepreneur in Philly.

Rebecca quickly recounted her personal history; she received an undergrad from Smith College and then graduated from UArts with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2011. Her story hinted at a level of ambition; seeking out opportunities for the advancement of her creative endeavors at every turn. This doggedness led her straight to the Corzo Center early in her post-grad experience. Of Corzo, she says: “ I would go to their workshops, training programs…I’m definitely a poster child; my relationship with Corzo is about ten years now.”