Keepsake Glass by Remark Glass is handmade from recycled bottles from a celebration.
Bottles from your collection or a special event are transformed through glass blowing into bowls, vases, or lighting by the artists at Remark Glass.


Order your keepsake project: vase, bowl or custom piece.

Receive your kit in the mail.

Leave the gift certificate and info card in the card box on the day of the celebrations.

Collect the bottles.

Pack them with a bit of newspaper and mail them to Remark Glass 1901 S 9th St BOK B08 Philadelphia, PA 19148 with the sticker filled out.

Expect the gift to arrive by mail about 4 weeks later.

You may also purchase a Keepsake Package (without any shipping) by scheduling the exchanges with our showroom in Bok space 517.

Keepsake Gift Form

For more information and to start a keepsake project with us, please tell us more using the form below.