Champagne Bottle Mug



This piece is handmade by recycling a champagne bottle, reheating, blowing and forming the glass.

Pieces vary in color and form as a result of being handmade from bottles.
Approximately 4″ tall

Each piece is made to order, and though we can often make it sooner, lead time can be up to 4 weeks.

Sold Individually.

Handling instructions for Champagne Bottle Mugs

Please take note: Glass is sensitive to heat shock. Many of our mugs are used for hot beverages safely by following these guidelines to avoid shocking the glass. Run the mug under hot tap water before pouring hot liquids in, especially if the glass feels chilly when you pick it up. Place a metal spoon in the glass to absorb some of the heat. If planning to use the mug for tea, please use also a teapot first while the water is at a boil.