Limited Edition Rose Pitcher Set
Limited Edition Rose Pitcher Set
Limited Edition Rose Pitcher Set
Limited Edition Rose Pitcher Set

Limited Edition Rose Pitcher Set

Formerly wine bottle

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The perfect rosy addition to your VDay dinner. The pitcher is made from a rose bottle that shows its unique bottom as you pour!

The set includes one cocktail pitcher and two flutes. The solo pitcher just includes a single pitcher.

Our cocktail pitchers hold approximately 22oz and flutes hold approximately 12oz. To clean, we recommend hand washing, as they are more delicate.

Each set is hand blown from used wine and mineral bottles sourced from Philadelphia, PA.

Please note that since each piece is handmade from recycled bottles, there may be variation in the final product. 

If you choose to add engraving, it will be on the pitcher. Please email if you would rather it be on the flutes.

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Amazing products!

I've been following Remark for years. I love how their products combine beautiful craftwork with innovative, sustainable business practices. I was overjoyed to incorporate some of their glassware into my wedding centerpieces, and their keepsake glasses made perfect thank you gifts for my now in-laws!



We love Remark so much we brought empty bottles of tequila from our wedding for Remark to turn into a beautiful lighting fixture for our living room. Now, Remark Glass has become our go-to for unique, intimate, practical, sustainable and BEAUTIFUL gifts, for others and for ourselves!


Unique and Special

Our wedding rings, repurposed from what could have been discarded glass bottles, are so special to us because of Remark. They add meaning to every item they make by the care inherent to both the creation process and the interaction with their customers.


Absolutely Beautiful

I have glasses and pitchers and vases from Remark, but my favorite is the custom made light fixture, crafted from bottles that held my favorite local cider in their previous life. It makes for a beautiful local story behind an absolutely beautiful lighting display.