Remark Glass is a zero-waste certified, woman owned business focused on innovative and creative glass reuse.


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Our Zero-Waste Process

Although glass is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, nearly 2/3rds of post-consumer glass ends up in a landfill. As glass artists, we have the unique opportunity to source our materials from the waste stream without compromising the quality of glass. Our locally sourced post-consumer glass is skillfully transformed into handmade products. As a zero-waste certified company, Remark Glass is also committed to creating as little waste as possible throughout our studio and office space. Our new vegetable oil converter allows us to fuel our machinery with spent cooking oil sourced from a restaurant in our building. In addition to reducing our waste, we also work with many local businesses to promote a circular economy and maintain a high-quality collection system so our glass can be upcycled, recycled, downcycled, or recirculated back into our community.

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Our sister organization is dedicated to reforming the way glass waste is treated. Bottles and jars are not meant to be single-use containers. By carefully collecting, cleaning, and sorting glass, we are able to properly allocate each container to its highest and best use.


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