Collection: Light

Illuminate your space with handblown pendants.
All lighting is custom designed with our team. If you're interested, please reach out in the form below!
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  • sky blue light pendant made from recycled glass hanging in living room

    Sapphire Sunrise

    Handmade from a liquor bottle

  • Dark & Stormy

    Handmade from a liquor bottle

  • Cobalt Spritz

    Handmade from juice and wine bottles. Customization available for color accent.

  • Optic Ice

    Clear textured pendants handmade from various bottles. Custom textures also available.

  • Shades of Green

    Cluster of handmade pendants all upcycled from a variety of bottles in different shades of green.

  • Shades of Blue

    Mix of tones of blue handmade from liquor bottles.